A. Haritsis: Not a single euro for accuracy and the pandemic in the Budget for 2022

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“The two most important crises of our time are missing from the budget for 2022: the pandemic and accuracy,” said the head of Development and Investment of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance and Messinian MP, Alexis Haritsis, in the Plenary Session of the Parliament.

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“At a time when inequalities are increasing internationally and in our country, the budget of the Mitsotakis government does not provide a single euro for the unemployed, the workers, the companies at risk of being locked up,” he stressed, “but also no measures for addressing accuracy, which is a threat to household income, business viability, the country’s development and social cohesion. ”

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At the same time, Mr. Haritsis pointed out the “reduced regular expenses for the public health system”. “Domestic apprentices of neoliberalism are attacking the public health system at a time when the modern international debate is precisely about its central role in the resilience of our societies,” he said.

“The 2022 budget is a text out of place and out of time. The government chooses to present a virtual reality because in this way it believes it can continue its plan to reproduce a distorted, anti-social and counterproductive model of development. It is the same model with what led us to the crisis of the last decade “, stressed the head of SYRIZA.

“Instead of a budget that corresponds to the current conditions, we have the perpetuation of the ideologies of ND that leads to successive crises and sharpens social inequalities”, stressed Mr. Haritsis and continued: “It is a budget that instead of trying to face directly the multiple crises, he essentially bets on the rapid “disappearance” of the pandemic, on the “transience” of inflation and on the over-optimistic acceleration of the Recovery Fund “.

“It is the job of politics to intervene decisively at such times. The pandemic and the precision require radical cuts, public policy and state intervention,” he said, referring to “measures to support workers’ incomes, regulate the market, and target targeted tax cuts.” , measures to support businesses so that they do not pass on the increased costs to consumers “.

Regarding the recovery of the economy, Mr. Haritsis commented: “Obviously after the collapse there is a recovery. The question is what form and content it will have. And mainly: who will be affected. The recovery of the Mitsotakis government is a K-type recovery. “A few and strong will indeed go up. But many will be left behind or even worse they will go down.”

“We want Greece to be synchronized with the international pace around the reduction of inequalities, fair and sustainable development, productive transformation”, clarified Mr. Haritsis, emphasizing that “this presupposes a policy of cuts and ruptures”.

“With substantial government intervention to support the real economy, shaping public instruments in strategic areas such as the banking and energy system, supporting the welfare state and the public health system and decisively boosting public investment that can pull “With a policy of the country that will utilize every opportunity offered by our time for a new beginning in the economy and politics”, concluded Mr. Haritsis.


Source From: Capital

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