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A. Haritsis: The crisis of accuracy is not dealt with with bonus half measures

A. Haritsis: The crisis of accuracy is not dealt with with bonus half measures

“The government has made specific political choices in dealing with the crisis of precision and remembers the fiscal space only when it has to support the social majority,” said SYRIZA’s head of Development and Investment and Messinian MP, Alexis Haritsis, on r / f.

“He reduced taxes on dividends, proceeded with a tax exemption of up to 800,000 euros for parental benefits and is engaged in an arms race without planning,” he recalled. “Think about where the country would be at the moment if SYRIZA had not created conditions of fiscal sustainability with the regulation of the public debt and the cash resources of 37 billion.” added (“Real fm 97.8”.)

“Citizens see that they are burdened many times over in relation to any aid they receive from the government,” Al. Charitsis, characterizing “measures such as the Fuell Pass and the Power Pass” absolutely inadequate “. “At a time when the cost of fuel has skyrocketed and the situation is unmanageable, the measure of reducing the EFC at a cost of 1.5 billion per year would give real breath to households, farmers and SMEs,” he said. . “While the increase of the minimum wage to stimulate the disposable income and the turnover of the SMEs but also the regulation of the private debt of the pandemic by cutting the basic debt are absolutely necessary and costly measures” he added.

“Greek society has been paying dearly for the crisis of accuracy since last July and is facing the biggest problem in the eurozone,” said the head of the SYRIZA sector. “With 100% of the cost being passed on to the final consumer. The wholesale electricity price ceiling has not yet been imposed, as Spain and Portugal have done, and we are the only country in Europe without time-bound contracts in the energy market.” “If the government does not intervene decisively to regulate the markets and crack down on profiteering, whatever support measures it takes will not offer sufficient relief to the citizens,” he said. Charitsis.

“It is necessary to have a political change and a democratic way out by going to the polls as soon as possible,” he said. “In order to get rid of the government of ND and to emerge a progressive government with the backbone of SYRIZA which will respond decisively to the crisis we are experiencing by shielding Greek society,” he concluded.

Source: Capital