A historical record in the stock market of pollutants, CO2 exceeded 80 euros

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A new historical record was recorded in the stock market of pollutants as the price of CO2 emission allowances exceeded 80 euros per ton for the first time. Specifically, the rights closed at 81.65 euros per ton, gaining over 4% in one day and over 140% in the year.

Behind the new record in the polluting market are a number of factors, including the agenda of the new government in Germany, which has agreed to take measures to prevent allowance prices from falling below 60 euros / tonne in the long run. establishing a national price threshold.

At the same time that pollutants are at record levels, de-escalation trends have begun to be recorded in the gas market. Yesterday the international price fell up to 85.1 euros / MWh, to then close at 90.7 euros / MWh.

However, according to the Leipzig Energy Exchange’s stock market data, in November the average price of natural gas stood at 81.3 euros / MWh, down 12% compared to the average price in October (92.92 euros / MWh ).

The relative decline in gas prices is the main reason why, despite the rally of pollutants, wholesale prices in the European electricity market show a slight decline to the level of 200 to 250 euros / MWh in most countries.

Indicatively for today in our country the price of electricity is expected to move to 217.26 euros / MWh, in Bulgaria to 232.62 euros / MWh, in Italy to 252.6 euros / MWh, in Spain and Portugal to 211.81 EUR / MWh, in France at EUR 258.65 / MWh and in Germany at EUR 216.19 / MWh.

Despite the small decline, however, wholesale prices continue to be at extremely high levels, triggering increases in retail that affect households and businesses throughout Europe and of course in Greece.


Source From: Capital

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