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A hospital ship with a surgical theater leaves for Gaza from Italy

The Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto announced that in the next few hours he is going to leave his country, bound for Gaza, hospital ship of the navy, in which there are also surgeries.

It is the ship Vulcano, which will receive wounded from the Gaza Strip. The Italian minister added that “subsequently, in agreement with the Palestinians, a field hospital will also be set up, always in Gaza” and added: “We are the first country to carry out a humanitarian operation in the region and we hope that others will follow us.” , as broadcast by APE-MPE.

G. Crosetto said that Italy continues its efforts aimed at de-escalation in the region and underlined: “I consider that the international community has moved in the appropriate way, one of the things that we are asking is for the rule of law to prevail, singling out anyone who plays by the rules, unlike Hamas terrorists. We wish Israel to do so, even though we understand how difficult it is to act in such an area, where hiding Hamas centers under hospitals».

Source: News Beast

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