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A law is being prepared for “agents of influence” in Turkey

Turkey's parliament is expected to take up an “agents of influence” bill soon, which would provide jail terms for journalists and researchers accused of acting in favor of foreign interests. The bill, which amends the criminal code, provides for three to seven years in prison for “any person who carries out or orders an investigation of (Turkey's) citizens and institutions with the aim of acting against security, political interests, internal or external , of the State, in accordance with the orders or strategic interests of a foreign organization or a foreign State”. The text does not list the activities it targets, but an official from the far-right MHP party, an ally of the ruling AKP, gave a picture in a message on social media X: it concerns “the economy, finance, the military, national defense, public health, public safety, public order, technology, culture, transport, communication, cyberspace, critical infrastructure and energy,” according to […]
Source: News Beast

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