A look for two: the times celebs sported an identical dress at the same event

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What do the digital generations of cat figth by Brenda and Kelly by Beverly Hills 90210 for it same dress sported at the prom? Those were tragedies and quarrels, seasoned with long faces and incinerating glances at the twin dress of others.

Kelly and Brenda in the same dress. Photo: a scene from Beverly Hills 90210

Although, for the record, the black mini dress with a maxi white bow worn by the two famous TV enemies / friends made history, at that time it seemed that the biggest misstep in style were to show up at the same event in the shoes already spotted on someone else, causing instant panic and waves of doubts about the choice of accessories, comparisons to catinelle and the list goes on. But we like to think that those days are over, and now, thankfully, look at yourself with nostalgia.

Those were the Nineties, beauty. Ten years later, in 2010, our always beloved and avant-garde Samantha Jones in Sex and The City 2 he taught on the big screen how to behave with style in a situation of sartorial doubling. In the film, the most unscrupulous PR in Manhattan finds herself on the red carpet with the exact same Matthew Williamson dress worn by the much younger Miley Cyrus (who makes a cameo in the film). Of course, without getting discouraged, Samantha, as in her style, faces the evidence by demonstrating that there is no age limit to feel beautiful in the shoes she has chosen to shine under the flashes.

Samantha Jones and Miley Cyrus as herself in Sex and The City 2. Getty photo

Marcel Thomas

Today, also thanks to social media and the help of stylists, celebs have reduced the possibility of showing up on the same red carpet, party or photocall with an identical look, but it is also true that there are moments in the fashion cycle in which a certain garment becomes omnipresent (this is the case of the micro skirt by Miu Miu or the crop top by Coperni, obsession of stars and influencers now) so showing off a tandem look for the same event is still very possible.

Lately, to remember and make fun of the hysterics of divas with identical outfits, Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion arrived on the Grammy stage with the same Versace designer dress, a tribute to the sketch that the legendary Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston staged at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards where they intentionally appeared in the same dress (a chocolate dress) to mock their infamous reputation as a divas.

Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion in 2022. Photo Getty

Kevin Mazur

Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston in 1998. Photo Getty


In the gallery, on the other hand, we have collected all the moments of sartorial overlap unaware in which the stars, far from resentful, have often tempered theaffaire fashionistas posing smiling like style twins.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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