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A make-up lesson with Armani Beauty

How to do an Armani makeup? We have summarized the essential steps after a video conference with Linda Cantello, Giorgio Armani international make-up director, with cameo by model Barbara Palvin, beauty brand ambassador.

«Mr. Armani is a man with a transversal gaze and is as obsessed with details as I am. Translating his ideas and simplicity into products is not easy, but this is my job, ”said La make-up artist Linda Cantello in the meeting with journalists.

She is the creator of all the super-performing Armani make-up formulas that perfectly reflect the philosophy of the fashion house. “The products are as Mr. Armani wants them, Luminous Silk Foundation, for example, it was born out of her belief that skin must be beautiful to make make-up appear beautiful. He was the first to say it and everyone has copied it, but no one is able to replicate his vision ».

Armani was also one of the first to talk about glow. «The Armani glow is neither pearly nor sparkling, otherwise it would seem too rough, but it is a radiant and healthy skin effect, without gray undertones that subtract brightness».

«Luminous Silk Foundation it is an iconic product born 21 years ago and when it was launched all the makeup artists said that finally they no longer had to buy Japanese ones, nor use petroleum jelly in the foundation to have the perfect brightness of the skin », continues Cantello.

«What makes it special is that it is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, defined powerful by the French and mistake-proof by the British, it has a texture that breaks the rules, it has no filler particles, fillers, too thoughtful and the pigments are in the right quantity in order to avoid oxidation of the product. It does not have an SPF filter, not even mineral, because it could cause color alteration. Luminous Silk has launched a new way of creating make-up and is the backbone of make-up, today it is made in 40 shades for all complexions ».

«It starts with a primer, which moisturizes the skin and makes the make-up even more long-lasting, then concealer and foundation are used. The Luminous Silk Concealer I apply it with the micro-concealing technique, that is, only where it is necessary to cover imperfections or blemishes, it must not mask the face but reveal it. It can be spread with the tip of the brush to cover small details, while the part with the “belly” is suitable for the area under the eyes. Alternatively you can use the fingertips, if you do not have a synthetic brush available. The choice of colors is important, you need to identify your undertone, better not to make the mistake of choosing a too dark shade, because it creates the face and neck detachment. For the application, the ideal is to start from the cheekbones then go to the chin. And if there are dark circles, it is better to cover them with a concealer and then apply the foundation. Armani products are so impalpable that they can be layered and do not create thickness. Finally, it is sealed with a powder product. I’m not a big fan of powders, but compact powder Luminous Silk Compact, homonymous of the Luminous Silk foundation, it gives the skin an extraordinary light and can go from being impalpable to covering ».

What is your technique for applying foundation?
«I love to apply the foundation first on my hand and then I spread it with the brush starting from the inside outwards all over the face and finally I use the fingertips to dilute the color».

If it’s on a bad skin day, what does it do?
«To help my skin I apply a lot of moisturizer in order to revitalize it then I use a little make-up. Luminous Silk Foundation and the concealer around the eyes, no powders, and then a slight darker contouring. I draw a half moon on the cheekbone and under the chin. Above the cheekbone, on the nose and in the inner corner of the eyes I apply Armani’s Sheer Blush. Then a mascara and the Rouge D’Armani 400 lipstick ».

Three essential things in your beauty routine?
«The foundation, the mascara and a lip balm that is always in my bag».

One you can’t do without?
“The lip balm”.

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