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A minor attacked a 68-year-old expat woman outside a church in New York

16-year-old Javon Prince, who was arrested for a brutal attack and robbery against 68-year-old Irini Tahliabouri outside the holy temple of Agios Demetrius Jamaica, attempted suicide at the New York police station. According to information, the 16-year-old wrapped the shirt he was wearing around his neck and tried to hang himself. The 16-year-old's attack on the 68-year-old expatriate was recorded by a security camera, with the minor being arrested after identifying the fingerprints on the victim's vehicle, in which he fled the scene and left at a relatively close distance. The 16-year-old is accused of robbery, causing bodily harm, burglary and theft of foreign property. The news of the arrest of the perpetrator caused relief in the environment of the 68-year-old woman, who is still hospitalized after her serious injury and her health condition has improved. “This vagrant is yet another example of how petty criminals feel empowered enough to commit more serious […]
Source: News Beast

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