A modern day Rapunzel in Japan with 2 meter hair – She hasn’t had a haircut in 17 years

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The treatment of hair concerns many people, especially women, but one woman from Japan she deservedly claims the title of the real one Rapunzelas with the care he shows every day, he managed to have hair almost 2 meters long.

As stated by mirror.co.uk42-year-old Rin Kambe she hasn’t cut her hair in 17 years and she won’twhile her goal is to make them as long as possible, since she wants to look like a “Japanese princess”.

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“I feel like my hair he is my precious companion in life. They are still growing every day. Usually, people’s first reaction is to wonder if my hair is real. When they learn that it is, they are shocked and impressed”, he says characteristically.

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At the same time, he adds that “I never think about cutting my hair. My head doesn’t hurt, but sometimes my hairline and scalp feel heavy.”

The decision not to cut her hair

Rin Kambe has always disliked long hair, and has always had short hair since she was a child. In fact, she maintained this particular style until the beginning of 2000, when she started working as a dancer.

Nonetheless, she decided to grow her hair long because she felt she didn’t stand out, and she decided to look like a “Japanese princess” from the Heian period.

Since then he has not cut them even an inch, so that they are 2.13 meters long. But she faces problems in her everyday life, which she overcomes with optimism.

Specifically, it takes more than an hour to wash her hair and two hours to blow dry it. “I wash my hair twice a week and take care of the care. After washing, I dry them quickly. It takes an hour to wash my hair and massage the scalp, two hours to dry it and then comb it. I do my best to wash my hair so it doesn’t get damaged. It takes a total of three hours to do this“, he says about him grooming time she spends.

Also, as he mentions, he has other problems, such as if he has tied them in a bun, he is forced to move them at least every ten minutes, so that he does not have a headache, while he always has to be careful that they do not drag on the floor.

If I have my hair down I have problems with almost everything I do, it’s so easy to trip. I can’t even go to the toilet, let alone change clothes or eat soup,” adds 42-year-old Rin Kambe, who is considered a modern-day Rapunzel.

Source: News Beast

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