A month of war, Iryna Guley: “What have they done to you, my Ukraine”

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On February 24, the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. Since that day the Ukrainian journalist Iryna Guley told a Vanity Fair his life in war. Today, a month after the outbreak of the conflict, Iryna wrote a letter to her country.

“Hello Mom.
I don’t even know how to say at least one word to you without pain. I don’t even know if you can feel me now, so immersed in suffering. I’m afraid to look at you and see all your wounds, what they did to you.
A month has already passed. And it seems like it’s been years. Of all this month, I have nothing on my thoughts but you. You are my first thought when I wake up, when I drink, when I get dressed, when I hear the sirens, your deafening screams from the wounds.
This month I do not live, I do not breathe, I am on a break.
I don’t see the future and the past is as if it didn’t exist. I forgot all our good times. I forgot the sweet smell of spring in Kyiv, I forgot the song of the swifts I loved, I forgot the sunrises over the rooftops of Lviv, I forgot diving with my friends in the Black sea in Odessa, I forgot the taste of ice cream in the square of Khariv. It is as if none of this existed.
I’m in mourning, mom.
We are all in mourning.
A month of fear.
A month of courage.
One month of unity.
Mom, we are all united, you remember how impulsive we were, sometimes we fought but now we are as one, we are around you, as proud and determined as ever.
I am always there for you, my Ukraine ».

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Source: Vanity Fair

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