A mother beat an 11-year-old because she suspected she was bullying her child

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A mother from Alabama, USA, was beaten to death for beating an 11-year-old boy she suspected of bullying to her child, inside the school bus.

Nannatt Waldrop, 37, reportedly climbed to school last Tuesday morning and had a fight with an elementary school student she thought was bullying her child, according to the office of Jefferson County Sheriff.

Following the release of a video of the incident on social media, she was charged with assault, violation and disturbing the order.

The head of the county’s education department, Dr. Walter Gonsoulin called the incident “unacceptable”, stressing that it will not be tolerated, according to NBC 15.

“And while this issue is now in the hands of law enforcement, let me just say that what I saw in this video upsets me deeply. “In no case is any kind of violence acceptable, especially violence against students,” he added.

Waldrop was released on Tuesday after paying $ 10,500 bail in her case. It is not known if the 11-year-old was injured in the mother’s attack.

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