A Northerner asks for the “medical repatriation” of her daughter, who left for Syria

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Her daughter left France in 2015. The mother of a woman who left for Syria with her jihadist companion and her children is asking for her “emergency medical repatriation”, with her four grandchildren. “My daughter has advanced colon cancer. I solemnly request his repatriation, “Pascale Descamps, a resident of Pas-de-Calais, told Agence France-Presse, adding that” every minute counts “.

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His daughter, 32, left France during the year after converting to Islam, with her three children and her jihadist companion, who was killed a few months later. Remarried to another member of the Islamic State (IS) group, also killed, she had a fourth child there, said Pascale Descamps. She has been detained since March 2019 at the Roj 2 camp, controlled by the Kurds in northeastern Syria. “She loses a lot of blood, has a lot of discomfort and has no access to any medicine,” she says. If she is operated on there, she only has a 50% chance of surviving, ”she adds, explaining that her daughter, who does not have a medical certificate, sends her voice messages“ very irregularly ”via an intermediate number on WhatsApp.

His four grandchildren live “in inhuman conditions”

“We’ve been trying to get them back for over a year. We have seized political leaders and justice, so far without any response ”, told Agence France-Presse one of its three lawyers, Me Emmanuel Daoud. He denounces “a deliberate choice of the French state, even though an international arrest warrant has been issued against this woman and the Kurdish authorities say they are ready to hand her over to France”. Pascale Descamps ensures that she does not want to “clear” her daughter but only that she be “treated humanely”. “She is accountable and she will assume it. If she survives, she will go to jail. ”

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She also says she is “very worried” for her four grandchildren – an 11-year-old girl, and three boys aged 2, 6, and 8 – who live “in inhumane conditions”. She is ready to ask for their custody to “raise them in the values ​​of the Republic”. “I wish they would go to school. They want a normal, safe life in their country. About 150 adults and nearly 300 French children are detained in prison or in camps in Syria and Iraq. The thirty or so children repatriated so far from Syria are mainly orphans or children entrusted by the rare French mothers who have agreed to part with them.

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