A nurse’s cries in a hospital corridor for a dying patient have sparked outrage

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A nurse is receiving angry comments after posting a video on TikTok in which she appears to be crying over the loss of a patient. The video was posted on June 17 with the message: “It never gets easier.”

“I lost a patient today,” he says in the video as he paces back and forth in the hospital hallway. The nurse is leaning against the wall, holding her head and seems to be trying to calm down. “Get together, you still have 5 hours”, is the message that follows in the video.

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@Olivia_tylerr33 on TikTok she has now deleted her account, according to the NY Post, but users managed to secure the images and share them on social media, accusing her of “exploiting her patient for likes and views”.

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“I can’t believe it, my patient died. Let’s make a tiktok video real quick,” quips one tweet that has gone viral.

“Let’s set up the camera so I can cry,” another commented.

Source: News Beast

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