A painful farewell… Puppy grows old with his owner and they say goodbye

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They say that puppies are man’s best friends, and we couldn’t agree more with this saying, because there are plenty of reasons that confirm it, beyond their unconditional love. For example, their loyalty knows no bounds, they understand us (even when no one else can!), and ultimately, the most important of all, they make us very happy with their company.

Those of us who are lucky enough to have a four-legged angel know that the only drawback is that, as much as we would like them to be eternal, puppies go from being defenseless puppies to peaceful adults, in the blink of an eye.

Mom’s most faithful son

Hence, there will always be stories of tenderloins that will move our souls, like that of Gigi Gámez Zúñiga who shared the Facebook page Mexico Pet-Friendly, accompanied by two comparative images: in the first, his mother is seen in the company of his faithful friend on the sidewalk, and in the second, the same scene is seen, but 18 years later. According to the story, it was very difficult to capture the second photograph due to the melancholy generated by the ravages that age had wreaked on the two great companions.

Tears rolled down my face on camera, it hurt my heart to see the two of them growing old together, but I felt I had to do it because I didn’t know how much longer their bodies were going to last and today our furry boy went to doggy heaven, our pup, like My brothers and I told him: ‘My mother’s most faithful son.’

Inseparable friends

The cute puppy was loyal to Gigi’s mom for as long as she had the joy of having him by her side. They were inseparable friends who had fun going on long walks around town. Their love was so great that they protected and cared for each other; every time he saw his friend return from the market, the loving furry boy ran fast like a happy child to catch up with her, and what about his favorite relaxation activity: there was nothing better than spending summer afternoons on the sidewalk enjoying a delicious piece of of bread and a refreshing sip of your favorite beverage.

However, time inevitably passed, and with it, the faithful companions withered away. And, although with age, the memory and the body began to fail and they could no longer walk the streets, or walk the hill like in the old days, their love was so great that they could forget about anything, except the one of the other.

There was still life, and the most important thing was that they could be together. There was no morning in which the noble dog stopped worrying about her beloved companion, and the first task of the day when she woke up was to go see her to make sure she was okay.

a painful farewell

Unfortunately, the day came when the faithful companion had to leave, but the pleasant memories he left behind will last forever in the hearts of those who loved him so much.

Today his body couldn’t take it anymore and I can only thank him for all these 18 years for that great love he gave my mom. Rest in peace my puppy, we love you all the family. He sees, runs and jumps in puppy heaven.

With all my love, Gigi.

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