A real hamster-crypto trader is gaining popularity on Twitch

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The owner of the hamster named Mr. Gox created a special cage for him, from which the rodent “trades” on the cryptocurrency market.

The developer has connected the treadmill and two tunnels to optical sensors that detect movement.

By turning the wheel, the hamster “selects” a specific cryptocurrency for trading. The program will sell a coin when the rodent runs through the left tunnel, and will buy it if it passes through the right one.

All Mr. Hox’s deals are streamed on Twitch. Additional statistics posted on Reddit and Twitter.

The hamster’s portfolio contains 10 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP. The rodent “bought” 34 times and “sold” assets 15 times, the total trading volume was € 1327. The amount of the loss at the time of writing is € 12.89.

The owner of the rodent emphasized that Mr. Gox is not uncomfortable and lives a “normal hamster life.”

The developer warned that he created the project for fun and did not recommend investing based on the “predictions” of the animal.

In the summer of 2018, Coinspot launched the Hamster Insider YouTube show, in which the rodent predicted the direction of the market for the next 10 days. There were only two issues on the channel.

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