A sexy 50-year-old grandmother dances with her 25-year-old daughters and drives TikTok crazy

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A woman has driven social media users crazy with her youth since, as she says, she is 50 years old, has two 25-year-old daughters and is now grandmother. Albina Mart claims to be middle-aged and has two children at the age of 25 and is also a grandmother.

But people can hardly tell how old she is, as many say we are talking about a 20-year-old girl.

In an excerpt at TikTok, Albina dances with her daughters before revealing all their ages. He also said that “my daughters made me a grandmother” and added that he wants at least 10 grandchildren.

Many commented that they thought she was “much younger”, while others did not believe what she was saying.

One fan noted: “50? I thought you were 20? ”

“There is no way you can be 50,” added another.

Mom responded in another clip to people who questioned her age and said that she is “much older” than 20 years old and that they can search Google to see if she is lying or not.

But the gorgeous internet star said she still feels 20 and is grateful for the kind comments.

In other videos she shows her daughter hugging her little girl while in another her twin grandchildren calm a baby. Other videos show Albina’s husband also looking very young.

While in some clips, she shows her seven-month-old child while also discussing whether she will have more children.

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