A shoe company did not declare receipts of 2.8 million euros

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Just a few days ago, the case with the pizzeria that forgot to cut 58,200 receipts came to light. Today, AADE announces a new success in the fight against tax evasion.

This time, the contribution came from the well-known online store hosting platform which provided the data of the orders closed through the platform’s infrastructure.

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The data brought the intersections with the movements of the bank accounts and the detection of tax evasion of 2.8 million euros for the three years 2016-2018. Naturally, the transactions of the following years and especially of 2020-2021, which were particularly increased due to the pandemic, will also come under the microscope.

How they got caught in the tweezers of the auditors

Through the targeted checks they carry out every day, and using the special risk analysis algorithm, which detects suspicious tax behaviours, AADE’s auditors did the following:

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First, they identified a company that sells shoes online and is based in Ilion, Attica.

Second, they requested and received data from two major courier companies and the well-known digital platform.

Third, they examined the movements of the company’s bank accounts and books.

Fourth, comparing all these figures, they found that for three years – 2016, 2017 and 2018 – the company had not issued receipts worth 2.8 million euros!

That is, he collected, but never returned, VAT of 542,000 euros! Plus income tax, which he never paid for this turnover. In fact, out of the three years, more than half of the undeclared turnover (54%) comes from 2018!

The auditors are now reviewing the corresponding figures for 2019, but also for 2020 and 2021, years when e-commerce grew rapidly, also due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: TheTOC.gr

Source: Capital

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