A. Skertsos: Greece 2.0 is a complete project that seeks to create the best version of our country

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On the occasion of the first payment from the Recovery and Stability Fund, amounting to 3.6 billion, the Minister of State, Akis Skertsos, points out, in a post on social media, that “in an extremely difficult international situation that transmits serious pressures to any national economy and consequently in every household and business, Greece received today -after the advance of 4 billion euros in the fall of 2021- the first payment from the Recovery and Resilience Fund, amounting to 3.6 billion euros, for the financing of the Greece 2.0 project “.

While he reminds, “this disbursement was approved after the implementation of 15 critical milestones by our country, as stipulated in the agreement we have concluded with the EU for the implementation of our plan. Before Greece, only two countries out of 27 The EU has received its first payment, thus continuing our country’s good tradition of maximizing and accelerating the utilization of European resources for the necessary state and economy transformation with 108 significant public investments and 68 reforms. billion have joined Greece 2.0 and have either started or are in the process of being announced “, he also emphasizes, underlining at the same time the social footprint:

“We all benefit from Greece 2.0. Private sector workers, especially young people and women, who need new skills to find better jobs, small and medium-sized businesses that want and need to be digitized, young parents who need support with nannies and nurseries “Stations to work with less stress in caring for their children, young farmers who want to produce better and higher quality products, students who benefit from the digitization actions of our schools. And many more.”

And, in conclusion, “Greece 2.0 is a comprehensive plan that seeks to create the best version of our country. Especially today when we are again faced with great geopolitical and economic challenges, we need it to shield and manage them with the best in a strong way “, notes the Minister of State in closing.

Source: Capital

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