A snow blanket covered half of Spain and all of Madrid: satellite photos

The European Space Agency (ESA), using two Sentinel-3 satellites under the Copernicus program, showed how the Iberian Peninsula and Madrid in particular, heavily snowy in the second week of 2021, looks like.


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The photo of the territory of Spain was taken on January 12 at 11:40 local time, the photo of the capital of the country – the next day. That is, three to four days after the strongest snowfall in half a century fell on the peninsula, which brought Philomena’s storm there.

In Madrid, it was necessary to close the largest international airport Barajas, cancel trains and urgently clear blocked roads.

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In central Spain, the situation is in places difficult due to the fact that severe frosts came after the snowfall. For example, on January 12 in Molina de Aragon and Teruel, in the mountains east of Madrid, temperatures dropped to –25 ° C and recorded the coldest night in the country in 20 years.


Photo: ESA

According to weather forecasters, in Kiev this afternoon (January 14) the temperature will drop to -4 ° C, and on the night of January 15 – to -11 ° C. During January 16-18, it is predicted to reach -15 ° C during the day, up to -20 ° C and below at night. Somewhere in Ukraine it has already snowed.

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