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A spectacular moon, the new finds on Kythnos, the smoke that choked the northern USA and the hug in the ocean

A photographic “click” can transport the viewer miles away from where he is. Through the photos, we can to see the world with different eyes and to focus, visually, on what the respective photojournalist considers important. With a photo, we are easily and authoritatively informed about what is happening around us, but also about what is happening to me on the planet. Fires that filled half of the US with smoke, the bombing of the dam in Ukraine and also the Greek current affairs, are some of the topics that attracted the interest of the artistic eye of experienced photojournalists.

Not much needs to be said about the photos below. They are concentrated in them what happened in the world last week.

Kythnos: The excavation at Vryokastro brought to light important finds

The recent excavation research in the ancient Acropolis Kythnos in Vryokastro. The work there focused on the excavation of the buildings of the Acropolis that had come to light in 2021. The Southern part of the acropolis was intended for military facilities of the Macedonian garrison that was installed in Kythnos in 201 BC. Philip V. The cleanings carried out in this area brought to light tanks, which ensured water reserves in times of siege.

Aegean: British submarine HMS Triumph found after 81 years

The British submarine which had been missing since 1942 and had sunk with a crew of 64, was located at a depth of 203 meters, after many years of research. This is H.M.S TRIUMPH, whose traces disappeared 81 years ago in Aegean.

The spectacular Strawberry Moon in Sounio

The first full moon of the summer has arrived with the Strawberry Moon. Those in Sounio were lucky enough to enjoy the bright and full moon in the romantic destination. The June full moon is called “strawberry moon“, because this month is suitable for harvesting the summer fruit.

Ukraine: The blowing up of the Kakhovka dam

Undoubtedly, one of the most important news was hers dam explosion in Ukraine. Kiev and Russia are blaming each other for who is responsible for this disaster, while political games are being played on the backs of thousands of people. So far, over 4,300 residents have been evacuated from the area.

USA: Smoke from Canada’s fires

Fires in Canada have filled the Northeast with smoke USA, making the atmosphere stifling. The George Washington Bridge, which connects New Jersey to Manhattan, looks like it leads to a lost city, buried in smoke.

Hong Kong: The huge ducklings went out to sea

An art installation entitled “Double Ducks» by the Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman settled in his harbor Hong Kong. Two giant inflatable ducks made a splash in Victoria Harbour. The artist hopes that the ducks will bring happiness to the city. The inflatable yellow ducks, 18 meters highwill sail in port for two weeks.

Palestine: War ruins like a playground

Children from Palestine walk past a mural painted on a house destroyed in recent fighting with Israel in the central Gaza Strip. Residents have erected murals and displays of Israeli rockets and shrapnel at an exhibition, with the aim of drawing attention to the damage their homes have suffered. Israel attacked hundreds of targets, while Islamic Jihad fighters fired more than 1,000 rockets into Israel during five days of fighting last month.

Brazil: “That hug” in the ocean

On the beach of Sao Conrado Brazil, people formed a line holding hands for a symbolic group hug with the ocean on World Oceans Day in Rio de Janeiro. The environmental organization Route Brasil invited the world to gather for the event called “This hug” to raise awareness of ocean pollution.

Source: News Beast

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