A stray dog ​​bit his arm and now she is his friend and brings him food every day

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The best friendships happen in the least expected places. To prove it, there is Jorge Jaime Martínez, originally from Mexico, who was bitten in the arm by a stray dog, who, far from being sent to the kennel, ended up making her his new friend and now brings him food daily.

Apparently, the dog reacted defensively to his presence, as he went through bad times with humans. Jorge Jaime understood that the animal did not react with malice, but by instinct and returned to its rescue making peace with a good bowl of food.

Jorge Jaime shared his anecdote through Twitter, a site where it did not take long to attract the attention of Internet users. According to him, the dog was aggressive because it was the way she learned to defend herself and survive against the cruelty of humans who used to intimidate her with words, stones or kicks.

When he saw her in the distance, he wanted to get closer to give her a little affection, but as soon as he raised his hand, she reacted defensively, biting one of his arms with force. He was able to shake off the canine’s fierce jaws and went to a medical center to be assessed. However, he returned to have a veterinarian check the dog and, by the way, he brought her food.

Man carrying a dog;  Stray dog ​​bites his arm and now brings him food every day

With the passing of the days, he gained his trust, brought him food, water and got him a temporary home in which he now receives all the necessary care and affection. It is worth mentioning that the dog has not attacked anyone else, because now she knows that she can trust humans, since not all are bad.

She bit me, I paid her with love: Today I feed her daily. They are not bad, but in the street he has to fight for his life, today he only sees me and runs towards me and that is worth more than a bite. Many people at the time knew the story and it is real.

Jorge Jaime clarified on Twitter that the dog’s story is somewhat old, therefore, it is now fully recovered. In addition, he shared an update from the puppy, who maintains a demeanor of gratitude and happiness.

On the other hand, the good man thanked the positive comments of the Internet users and invited them to help all the little streets they find on their way, be they dogs or cats. Stories like these remind us once again that there are more of us good.

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