A survey shows that 41% of Brazilians started to buy from SMEs in 2021

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Small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) were benefited in 2021 by the combination of technologies and strategies previously restricted to large companies in the e-commerce. Data from a survey carried out by Locaweb indicate that 41% of respondents started to buy from SMEs in 2021.

According to the research report, the closure of physical retail during the pandemic forced SMEs to digitize to maintain their sales. At the same time, e-commerce gained more space among the population in the period.

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Among the 2,000 respondents, 66% said they buy on the internet because prices are better than on the retail physical. TO Locaweb states that, in the first half of 2021, e-commerce sales reached R$ 53.4 billion, a record.

The existence of more promotions, the convenience of not having to leave the house to make a purchase, the possibility of comparing prices and access to products from other locations were also identified as advantages of e-commerce.

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According to the survey, 32% of respondents say they buy from SMEs and large companies equally. Thinking about exclusive consumption, small and medium-sized companies were the most benefited, with 41% saying they started buying from them in 2021, compared to 30% who started buying from large companies.

For those responsible for the survey, the data show that SMEs were also able to take advantage of the wave of digitization. Another positive element for them was the growth of so-called marketplaces, sites that bring together products from different companies. Purchases from these companies are made via the marketplace by 63% of respondents.

Regarding the reasons to buy in small and medium companies, 54% indicated free shipping, 53% the lowest prices or promotions and 44% the higher quality of the products.

“As much as the day-to-day and the numbers of companies of different sizes are very different, the consumer journey has many similarities in large companies and in SMEs. Free shipping, low price and quality products form the determining triad for the consumer buys at a store, whether small, medium or large”, says Luis Carlos dos Anjos, executive manager of marketing and channels at Locaweb.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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