A tanker was illegally transporting chlorine from Bulgaria

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The Business Directorate of S.D.O.E. Attica, in an effort to tackle organized financial crime, fraud against the interests of the Greek State and the EU, as well as ensuring public health, has dealt another serious blow to the smuggling and counterfeiting circuits of alcoholic beverages.

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In particular, employees of the Business Directorate of S.D.O.E. Attica, in the context of the intensification of the controls for the legal movement of goods subject to Special Consumption Tax and other Taxes, carried out an inspection in the area of ​​Vilia Attica in the morning hours of 2/12/2021 in a tanker vehicle, which according to the loading documents chlorine from Bulgaria.

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The macroscopic inspection revealed that the tanker tank had been illegally divided into two compartments: the small open compartment contained chlorinated water, while the larger concealed, inaccessible compartment contained 11,500 liters of Ethyl Alcohol.

Ethyl Alcohol originates from Bulgaria, for its transport and disposal in Greece the prescribed Customs formalities were not observed and with the use of special tricks the corresponding duties and other taxes amounting to the amount of 346,525 euros were not paid.

The illegal amount of Ethyl Alcohol is estimated to supply “businesses” for the illicit manufacture and distribution of counterfeit alcoholic beverages (the so-called “bombs”), in view of the festive season.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested and a case file was submitted for violations of the Customs Code to the Athens Prosecutor’s Office.

The investigation continues regarding the origin of the illegal quantity of Ethyl Alcohol, quantities that were trafficked in the past and its recipients in Greece.

The S.D.O.E. continues at an unabated pace the fight against organized financial crime.


Source From: Capital

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