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A thousand-year-old chicken egg was found in Israel. It is perfectly preserved – photo

During excavations in the city of Yavne, Israeli archaeologists discovered a rare find – an ancient chicken egg. According to preliminary estimates, the age of the egg is about 1000 years, but despite this, it is perfectly preserved as a whole, according to the website of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

They found an egg at the bottom of an old domestic sewage system – it is probably thanks to this design that the find managed to survive to this day, and the waste did not allow it to decompose. The approximate age of the egg helped to determine the bone dolls found nearby: they were used for games 1000 years ago.

“Ancient eggshells have been found before – in David, Caesarea, Apollonia, but because of their fragility, whole eggs have almost never been found. This is a world level, a very rare find,” said one of the scientists Lee Perry Gal.

Over the past centuries, an egg about 5 cm long retained its shape, did not rot, but when it was exposed to air, it began to crack. However, scientists say they would have smashed it anyway to study the structure. A little yolk has been preserved under the shell – it will be examined along with the shell.

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