A. Tsipras declares optimism for participation in tomorrow’s SYRIZA polls

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Alexis Tsipras expressed his certainty that tomorrow’s process of SYRIZA-PS electing a collective leadership of the party (president and KE) will send a strong message to the government and the political system, in an interview with ANT1.

After pointing out that everyone can vote tomorrow for the election of the president of SYRIZA-PS, Mr. Tsipras said that the internal party process is taking place at a time when the vast majority of citizens “are having an extremely difficult time with accuracy”, “so they will not we could not link the process of strengthening our party with the political developments “.

He called on the progressive, democratic citizens, all those who embrace the party’s proclamation principles, to participate. “Every citizen has the opportunity to come to our procedures and send a message not only for the strengthening of SYRIZA-PS but also for the political scene that must change,” he underlined. He stressed that he does not call on citizens to simply come and cast a ballot and leave, noting that registered members will be actively involved in other crucial decisions in the near future, such as in the case of elections where they will have the opportunity to decide with whom and with which program will the party enter into a collaboration.

Stating that he was very optimistic about tomorrow’s turnout, he stressed that “our goal is to win the next elections and restore hope to society and stop this social catastrophe.” He noted that in order to achieve this high bar, “we know that in the national ballot box we will need more than 2 million votes to win”. He stressed that the country can proceed with cooperation with governments on the basis of programmatic convergences “on the table and not through consultations behind closed doors”. He commented that the parties are forced by the verdict of the citizens to shape their position and that the simple analogy will shape the correlations. He also stressed that the differences between SYRIZA and ND are very big, they are deeply ideological and political and that “so any programmatic convergences for the next day will have to do with the base of the two poles, the Left and the Right and the other forces. “. The president of SYRIZA-PS stressed that he considers it possible to have a progressive government on the basis of convergences on a progressive basis.

Source: Capital

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