A. Tsipras gave the character of a poll at the polls for the election of president – Messages to SYRIZA – KINAL

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By Niki Zorba

Coming from an overwhelming though expected victory at the SYRIZA congress (74% gathered his proposals for the election of a president and a central committee from the party base, against the opposite point of view of Umbrella), Alexis Tsipras in his speech with which he ended the four-day congress of the party, appeared – obviously – united, with great determination to work in terms of the party confidently calling for elections for “political change”, with messages to all Trends of the congress (“his” but also “minority”) but most importantly, gave the character of a poll in Ballot boxes will be set up on May 15, among SYRIZA members who will be invited to vote for a president and a new central committee.

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“THE success and mass participation in the process, will not only be a bet for SYRIZA PS will also be a message to the worst government the country has ever known.
It will be a message that SYRIZA is getting stronger and the nightmare is ending.
It will be the message that the Mitsotakis government is ending “he said characteristically, shortly before coming down from the podium of the third SYRIZA congress, having previously clarified that the” battle “to register new party members does not end with the Congress. .

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As far as SYRIZA is concerned, Alexis Tsipras, apart from the “trivial” about “no one is left over” in order for the Mitsotakis Government to leave, did not show any peaks. As he said, Mr. Tsipras, moreover: His commitments are not conciliation.

1. To the “party members” and the Umbrella:

We are a party on the move, not a spidery dogmatic party with a faithful adherence to methods and perceptions that no longer work. Streams of ideas are wealth as long as they are streams of ideas and not “mechanisms of reproduction of officials”. We can all discuss, disagree, decide and move forward together, based on our common decisions. (This can also be interpreted as reply to Euclid Tsakalotos who in his speech yesterday, stated that it is up to the leadership how to deal with the defeated dissidents the next day).

2. To presidents and Pavlos Polakis

“We will not come to play in the field of our opponents.
We will not come to replace the blue golden boys with red-green ones. We will not come to check justice with our own judges. We will not come to control the media. But to support them with objective criteria and by setting rules of pluralism, objectivity and democracy. We will not make our own ERT and EYP, in the office of the University of Thessaloniki “but we will” avoid repeating mistakes that we also made in our term, we have recognized them and we know that they were mistakes “why,” in the field of transparency, meritocracy, of democracy, of accountability, we can win. “Only then will things really be different.”

At this point the message concerns our own judges repeated by Pavlos Polakis and our children, requested by Tasia Christodoulopoulou (I belonged to Umbrella).

Of course, it also reflects on a general acceptance of mistakes in the media, ERT, etc. which have been charged to the Nikos Pappas.

Beyond that, Alexis Tsipras, referring to PASOK-KINAL practically, regardless of whether he spoke of “progressive forces”, he asked to pledge that “he will not become the crutch of the worst government” and to speak openly about elections.

Against the background of all the above, there was, of course, the constant reminder of Mr. Tsipras that the goal is for the Mitsotakis government to leave, which he again characterized as a “regime”.

Styling his speech, he said about:


– Today in this stadium here there are no losers.
There are only winners.

-To strengthen the party, to attract to it the thousands of people who support us, vote for us, expect from us.
The big bet is both the quantitative increase and the quality one.
– To utilize modern technology in this effort. -To free the organizations from the closure of the party offices.
-To strengthen the unity of our organizations. The deep, free discussion of all points of view is the bus of the Republic. At some point we must understand that the existence of streams of ideas is wealth.
Streams of ideas but not mechanisms of reproduction of officials. -To be the first party in the country that will ensure equal participation of men-women in the central committee. -To see the renewal not as an iconostasis of our history and path, but as a living and lasting affair in the present and tomorrow of our party.

-The election of the President and Central Committee from the base of our party, on May 15, to become a great celebration of democracy but also the beginning of the countdown for the Mitsotakis government.
Because the success and mass participation in the process, will not only be a bet for SYRIZA PS, it will also be a message to the worst government that the country has known.
It will be a message that SYRIZA is getting stronger and the nightmare is ending.
It will be the message that the Mitsotakis government is ending.


-So all of them hurried, with the PTH itself and the government representative first to characterize our commitments, the 5 + 1 points for the society and the people to breathe, as a so-called parochialism, as a so-called money trees.
Who; Those who water the stealth trees of scandal every day?

-Is it a pledge to commit that you will implement all the tools that the European Commission itself proposes in its toolbox, that you will adopt practices that other European countries already apply?
Is this parochialism?
But the skyrocketing profits of 1.5 billion in 8 months that are not taxed, the benefits to the energy producers, with the privatized PPC first, are not taxation.
These are not money trees, these are thief trees.
We will prune your thief trees, to give breath and support to households, businesses, the society being tested.

-None of what we committed is conciliation.
None of what we have committed is outside our policy and strategy. None of this is impossible, unrealistic, impossible. It is simply out of logic, politics, the extreme neoliberal perception of Mr. Mitsotakis and his government.

-So we respond to the government propaganda of the government and the willing media parrots, who were disturbed these days listening to the dilemma of socialism and barbarism.
Do not disturb.
What we have committed to is not socialism.
It’s just the way to avoid the barbarity of your elected government.

– There is a turning point that the more propaganda and toxic attack you do to someone, the more you favor him. We all lived it, they also lived it 14-15, but they have not made up their minds.


None of what we announced the day before yesterday was out of logic and our actions as long as we ruled, especially as long as we ruled outside the suffocating grip of the memoranda.
We said we would reduce electricity bills.
We did it already at 19, reducing the energy to the minimum VAT rate and for four and a half years we did not increase even one euro of the PPC bill for consumers.


We want these elections to take place, not just to put a brake on social looting as soon as possible.
Every day that passes is more burdens on the people and less opportunities and degrees of freedom for the progressive government of the next day.

-Of course we know very well that the possibility of Mr. Mitsotakis running out of four years means the exhaustion of any chance of his own claiming a decent defeat in the elections. So it means even greater victory of SYRIZA PS in the elections at the ballot box of the simple analog.
But at the same time it means depletion of resources, depletion of ammunition to fight the next day to support the social majority. That is why we are calling for elections, that is why we are fighting for elections as soon as possible.

KINAL – Progressive forces

If for strategic reasons they do not want to open their papers, be clear on at least one thing: that they will not become the crutch of the worst government. That they will call for clear elections.


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Source: Capital

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