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A village in a region of Ukraine was taken over by Russia, according to the leader of Chechnya

Chechnya reported yesterday that Russian forces captured the village of Rizivka, on the border of Ukraine’s Sumy region. Fighters of the Akhmat battalion “conducted tactical operations together with soldiers of other Russian units and liberated one more community from the enemy,” which was “the village of Rizivka,” the leader of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, said via Telegram. “After planned large-scale offensive actions, the Ukrainian side suffered heavy losses and was forced to retreat,” he added. AFP was unable to directly and independently verify the Chechen leader’s claim. Yury Zarko, head of Bilopiya municipality, which the village of Rizivka is administratively under, denied that the village had been taken and assured Ukrainian state TV that no Russian units were there. Last month, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned that Russia was massing troops along the border with Ukraine in anticipation of a possible new attack. At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities began to hastily evacuate residents of some cities and […]
Source: News Beast

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