AADE: A pizzeria was identified with an undeclared turnover of 635,000 euros

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The sweeping audits of the Independent Public Revenue Authority continue at two levels.

In addition to the daily, on-site visits to stores throughout the country, for the issuance of receipts, targeted checks are carried out, resulting from the special logarithm and software of AADE.

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In particular, the cooperation of controllers with food distribution platforms is bearing more and more fruit. The data sent by the platforms are used every day, given that they form – together with the AADE databases – specific targeting of businesses, through risk analysis criteria.

Thus, the control mechanism of AADE has the ability, with the use of intelligent software:

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a) to process a large volume of digital data, generated by tax machines, identifying uninvoiced order forms or mass discounts at the end of the day or an unreasonably large volume of cancellations.

b) to associate the orders received, through the ordering platforms, with the issuance of the corresponding receipts.

In this direction, the auditors identified a pizzeria in Argyroupoli, which, for three years, 2017 – 2018 – 2019:

– He did not cut 58,200 receipts for orders, which he had received through the platform

– Total value 635,000 euros

– Plus VAT 131,000 euros

In addition to the fines, taxes and surcharges already imposed on the business, the auditors continue to comb through the store’s books, in order to look in depth at the rest of its tax behavior, but also to check the rest of the uses. .

Source: Capital

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