Ábalos sets the stage for Iglesias and insists on postponing the rent limit and tax reform

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There will be rent limitations, but not now. The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Abalos, has once again set the ground for the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, to neutralize the pressures that his governing partner has carried out in recent days. The leader of United Podemos has come to condition his support for next year’s State General Budgets on the adoption of these limitations, thus trying to impose himself on other ministers who have openly shown themselves against this measure. Including Vice President of Economic Affairs Nadia Calviño.

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“We are not sure about the situation in the rental market now. We are with the preliminary draft State Housing Act and this could be an instrument for introducing this figure that is also part of the Government’s commitment. We have the legal instrument, which could be this law, andthe question is the time of opportunity,” Abalos said in an interview on Thursday in the program La Hora de La 1.

The minister reiterates the message he had already sent earlier in the week, in which he assured that the coronavirus pandemic has distorted the functioning of the market and that it is not appropriate to intervene until the health and economic crisis allow for a clearer diagnosis.

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In support of its commitment, Abalos has enlisted the State Housing Law that its Ministry prepares to be ready in the coming months. The idea is that this standard serves as a vehicle for introducing possible income constraints in those areas of the country where prices are highest.

However, this does not seem to meet the demands of Paul Iglesias. The control of the leases is an eternal promise of purple formation with his electorate, in fact, it was one of the demands that Iglesias placed on the table to support Sanchez’s endowment. Including it now in the PGE negotiation would be a way to present to its voters that the accounts also have their seal, so they put pressure on the PSOE by ensuring that this measure will make it easier to secure the support of CKD and the rest of the endowment bloc, and leave Cs down.

The manoeuvre could eventually force the intervention of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who would be forced to negotiate directly with the Churches himself to unseal the possible blockade of the Budgets.

In the same interview, Abalos has also cooled expectations of tax reform also demanded by its executive partners as part of the new budget plan. “There is a government program that we have to follow, but this program is for a legislature. Times are the ones to be determined and times have to do with political opportunity. Many of the issues we raise may need to be done at a later time,” said the head of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda.

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