Abduction Of MiA: Her Mother Was Handed Over To The French Authorities

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Mia’s kidnapping case is nearing its conclusion. Arrested in Switzerland on Sunday, the mother of the little girl was extradited, this Friday, April 23, as the French national who helped her, announced the Swiss justice. Lola Montemaggi had ordered the kidnapping of the French girl, aged 8. “The two wanted people were extradited today to France. They were handed over to the French authorities around 11 am (9 am GMT) ”, at the border posts of Thônex-Vallard, near Geneva, and Basel / Saint-Louis, in north-western Switzerland, said l ‘Federal Office of Justice (OFJ), in an email sent to Agence France-Presse.

The operations went off without incident. The day before, the OFJ had announced that these two people had consented, on April 21, to their extradition during a hearing carried out by the prosecutor of the canton of Friborg. Mia was abducted on April 13 in the Vosges, in eastern France, at the request of her mother, Lola Montemaggi. Several men had shown up, by trickery, at the home of the grandmother, who was in charge of little Mia. Indeed, her mother no longer had the right to see her alone or to speak to her on the phone, by virtue of a court decision.

In the background, the anti-system movement

A kidnapping alert had quickly been disseminated and significant police resources, in France and in several border countries, made it possible to find her, this Sunday, safe and sound, with her mother in Switzerland, in a squat in the town of Sainte- Croix, in the canton of Vaud. She was trying to reach Russia, according to elements unveiled by the prosecutor of Nancy (east). The mother and her daughter had previously passed through Estavayer-le-Lac, in the canton of Friborg, and Neuchâtel.

The little girl was handed over on Monday to her grandmother who has custody of her. In France, the five kidnappers are being prosecuted for “organized gang kidnapping of a minor (under) fifteen years old and criminal association”. Four of them were taken into custody. They claim to be part of the anti-system movement and, to kidnap the little girl, had presented her grandmother with falsified letterhead papers from the Ministry of Justice, posing as representatives of child protection.

France also launched, on Tuesday, an international arrest warrant against a figure of the conspiracy movement, Rémy Daillet, residing in Malaysia. The latter allegedly helped organize the kidnapping. Malaysia has not concluded an extradition agreement with France but has said it is ready to cooperate in the investigation.

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