Abdul Hamid Khan ready for the ‘Blue Homeland’ – Sabah: The most powerful ship in the energy fleet

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Ready to set sail is the Turkish drilling rig Abdulhamid Khan, which intends to move within a framework defined by a “Blue Homeland” map. The sailing in the presence of Erdogan on August 9. Nicosia is watching and waiting to see in which direction the ship will move.

Abdulhamid Khan was prepared to carry out his duties in the “Blue Homeland”, according to the Turkish newspaper Sabah. As mentioned in a related publication, the preparations on the fourth Turkish drilling ship have been completed and it is ready to participate in the research conducted by Turkey for hydrocarbons in the “Blue Homeland”.

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It is further reported that Abdulhamid Khan will assume his duties with a ceremony scheduled to take place on August 9, 2022 in the presence of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Ankara wants to lend a festive character to Abdulhamid Khan’s mission, choosing not to announce the exact spot where the Turkish ship will drill. The relevant announcement will be made by Erdogan himself next Tuesday.

Nicosia is monitoring the developments and in turn is waiting for the announcements that will be made by Erdogan next Tuesday and also the course that the Turkish drilling rig will follow. Any reactions from Nicosia will be exclusively at the diplomatic level, taking into account that Cyprus cannot use other means to respond to the Turkish provocation.

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Some steps have already been taken in various directions in cooperation with Greece. From there, the next moves of Ankara will be awaited so that Nicosia’s further actions can be decided. It will mainly move in the area of ​​the European Union expecting substantial support from its partners.

Erdogan’s message

“Turkey is emerging as a monument of stability and trust in the region,” Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan wrote in the special book at the Atatürk Mausoleum, which he visited ahead of a meeting of the Supreme Military Council, which decides Thursday on army promotions.

In the special book, the Turkish President wrote: “Dear Atatürk, we are before you on the occasion of the 2022 meeting as members of the Supreme Military Council (YAŞ). The Republic of Turkey, which you entrusted to us, continues to emerge as a monument of stability and confidence in its region at a critical time. Our heroic army inspires confidence in our nation. Successes from counter-terrorism to cross-border operations clearly demonstrate the capabilities of our Turkish Armed Forces. May your soul rest in peace.” .

The Supreme Military Council, chaired by Tayyip Erdogan, also includes Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay, Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, Finance and Finance Minister Nurettin Nebati , the Minister of Education Mahmut Ozer, the Chief of the General Staff of the Army Yasar Güler, the Commander of the Ground Forces General Musa Avsever, the Commander of the Naval Forces Admiral Adnan Ozbal and the Commander of the Air Force General Kiucyoukakyu.

Turkish media reports that the term of Chief of General Staff General Yasar Güler is expected to be extended, following the new regulation made for the term of the Chief by which his age limit is extended to 72 years with the approval of the President.

The Council will also discuss the situations of the Commander of the Naval Forces, Admiral Adnan Özbal and the Commander of the Air Forces, General Hasan Kuciukakiyuz, whose terms were extended by 1 year last year. The meeting will also assess the status of promotion of certain lieutenant generals. Seven lieutenant generals await promotion to a higher rank.

The “strongest” ship in the energy fleet

In another publication, Sabah reports that the drilling rig Abdulhamit Khan with its technical equipment and physical characteristics will be the “strongest” vessel of the Turkish fleet in the “Blue Homeland” during hydrocarbon exploration and will be the 4th Turkish research vessel after the Fatih, Kanuni and Yavuz.

The report also states that the Abdulhamit Khan, which is a 238-meter-long, 42-meter-wide, double-safety vessel of the 7th generation, will boost hydrocarbon exploration activities. In addition, the vessel has an active positioning system with twin turrets and a crew of 200, and is capable of drilling at a depth of up to 12,200 meters.

Source: philenews.com

Source: Capital

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