About 12 million Brazilians have delayed booster doses, says Fiocruz

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The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) released, on Thursday (23), a survey that indicates that 12 million Brazilians have a back-up dose against Covid-19. The indices were evaluated considering data up to December 7th.

According to the Fiocruz study, 26,555,506 people are able to take the booster dose. In this group, 11,907,772 are late to take the booster dose of the vaccine. Most individuals, 56.2%, are in arrears between 31 and 90 days.

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For subjects who received the 2nd dose of AstraZeneca, 6,412,328 were able to take the booster dose. However, 4,117,989 have not yet returned for this dose.

For Coronavac, of the 20,083,521 individuals eligible to take the booster dose, 7,752,623 did not return for the vaccine.

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According to Fiocruz, as Pfizer began to be administered in Brazil after Coronavac and AstraZeneca, the deadline for analyzing the delay in the booster dose is still very short. According to the survey, of the 59,641 people able to take this dose, 37,149 are late.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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