About 20% Of Russians Are Categorically Against The Digital Ruble

Every fifth Russian is “categorically against” the digital ruble. This is the conclusion reached by the SKOLKOVO-NES Center for the Study of Financial Technologies and Digital Economy, writes TASS.

According to the survey results, only 14% of respondents will definitely use the digital ruble. Another 36% of the respondents answered “rather yes”. Thus, every second Russian spoke positively about the digital ruble.

The interest in the digital ruble, according to the head of the research area of ​​the Center, Yegor Krivoshey, is due to the addiction of Russians to innovations.


“According to various ratings, our country is among the leaders in the penetration of financial innovations …”, he said.


However, opponents of the digital ruble make up 38% of the respondents. More than 20% of them are “categorically against” the use of digital currency from the Bank of Russia. 1.6 thousand people took part in the survey.

Audience of the digital ruble

The results of the Center’s survey appear against the background of the publication of the concept of the digital ruble. According to the Central Bank, the majority of respondents (75%) expressed the feasibility of introducing the digital ruble now. At the same time, in the sample, the Central Bank took into account only those respondents who answered all the questions.

Recall that, according to the concept, the two-tier retail model of the digital ruble is preferred. In it, only financial institutions will be able to open digital wallets based on the platform from the Central Bank.

Thus, even with the centralization of the digital currency, banks will still retain the role of intermediaries. The digital ruble will be tested throughout 2022.