About 300 miners have already left the Yanomami Indigenous Land

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Roraima government intelligence sources told CNN this Sunday (5th) that around 300 prospectors have already left the area of ​​the Yanomami Indigenous Land since Wednesday (1st).

Images show prospectors crossing the forest with fuel canisters on their backs to fill up their boats, since the airspace is under the protection of the Air Force.

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According to information, the miners are fleeing along the Uraricoera River in the north, northeast and northwest directions, towards the city of Alto Alegre, northwest of Roraima. The region where they were installed is abundant in gold and cassiterite.

The Minister of Indigenous Peoples, Sônia Guajajara, is in the region to monitor care for the Yanomani affected by the health crisis.

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This Saturday (4th), she declared that the garimpeiros are leaving the region spontaneously. “We have this information that many garimpeiros are leaving. It’s good that they leave, so we reduce the operation that will be done. If they leave without needing the police, it’s better for everyone,” said Guajajara.

Throughout the week, the federal government launched actions to combat illegal mining in the Indigenous Land, where the population suffers from severe malnutrition, malaria and respiratory infections.

On Wednesday (1st), Operation Shield began, commanded by the Air Force, and monitors flights suspected of illegal practices over the territory.

With the creation of the Air Defense Identification Zone (ZIDA), the Air Force can adopt measures against any air traffic that may involve an illegal act.

The military will install a radar to expand the defensive capacity and intensify the power of detection and control of the place. The Ministry of Defense will provide intelligence data and logistical transport to teams participating in the action, such as the Federal Police (PF) and Ibama.

The PF has already launched an inquiry to investigate crimes of genocide, failure to provide assistance, and environmental crimes in the territory.

Source: CNN Brasil

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