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About 40% of salary negotiations did not cover inflation in 2022, research shows

Salary adjustments that were below inflation, measured by the National Consumer Price Index (INPC), decreased between 2021 and 2022, points out the annual balance sheet of Salariômetro, a survey by the Institute of Economic Research Foundation (Fipe).

Last year, 40.6% of the readjustments did not make up for salary losses due to high prices. In 2021, this proportion was 49.7%.

A total of 32,319 negotiations were carried out in 2022, with a median readjustment value of 10.5%. In the previous year, there were 27,759 trades, with a median value of 7.08%. The salary floor last year was BRL 1,481, compared to BRL 1,352 in 2021.

The data also show a generalized reduction in the presence and values ​​of benefits and salary supplements.

The night premium appears in 11,409 of the more than 32,000 agreements signed in 2022. The on-call premium is at 880 and overtime, just over 16,000.

In December, the average index of readjustments negotiated in December was 6.5%. Readjustments above the INPC continue to predominate, with 74.6% of the total.

For the January preview, the estimate is that 82.4% of negotiations establish agreements above inflation. The average floor in the month was R$ 1,524.


Monitoring of collective negotiations is done through agreements and conventions registered with the Mediator of the Ministry of Economy.

Fipe collects the data and information available in the system, tabulates and organizes the values ​​observed for 40 results of collective bargaining, gathered in agreements and conventions and also by economic activity and economic sectors.

Source: CNN Brasil

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