Abramovich: His role in freeing five British prisoners from Russia

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The former owner of Chelsea Roman Abramovich met five British prisoners of war who were released after six months on a luxury private jet traveling from Russia to Saudi Arabia. He even gave them iPhones so they could call their families, writes the Daily Mail.

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The five captives ate steaks, canapés and tiramisu during the flight with the Russian oligarch, the report also said.

After months in captivity, Aiden Aslin, Shaun Pinner, Dylan Healy, Andrew Hill and John Harding were reunited with their loved ones.

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Harding told Britain’s Sun: “Abramovich is a really lovely man. He’s a legend – we love him dearly and I’m grateful for his efforts.”

The father of two claimed that the 55-year-old Russian billionaire did everything to make them feel comfortable and made jokes.

Abramovich, who is believed to have played a role in their release, was talking about football as they ate on the plane. He was sanctioned by the British government on March 10, with Downing Street saying there was evidence of his ties to Vladimir Putin.

Source: News Beast

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