According To Santiment, Large Investors Or So-called “whales” Continue To Accumulate Bitcoins

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According to Santiment, large investors or so-called “whales” continue to accumulate bitcoins.

Analysts have found that at the moment they have accumulated up to 2.2% of the total market supply of the cryptocurrency.

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We are talking about investors controlling 100,000 or more BTC, the team said in a report. The number of such addresses has reached an 11-month high. The last time a similar situation was observed at the beginning of May last year.

Researchers stressed:

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The percentage of Bitcoin supply held by whale addresses with 100,000 or more BTC rose from 0.76% to 2.2%, reaching an 11-month high.


At the same time, Santiment reports that the number of bitcoin addresses containing between 1,000 and 100,000 coins, in contrast, has decreased from 42.5% to 39.5% in the last 11 weeks.

Bitcoin, on Monday, April 12, is trading at $ 61,000, cryptocurrency capitalization exceeds $ 1.139 trillion. The breakout of BTC above $ 60,000 at the end of last week was of great importance.

The coin finally received enough support to overcome resistance.

Volatility has exacerbated after a long lull in the market. The cryptocurrency price fluctuation index was at a five-month low. Turbulence led to an increase in the price, and not to its rollback, as some experts had previously predicted.

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