Achille Lauro’s exclusive performance for Vanity Fair

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Dear readers, dear readers,

for this cover, I know they will accuse me of blasphemy, but the saints and the Madonnas are images that are part of my history, of my existential gallery.
Also thanks to them, I learned to generate myself, without help, by treating creativity like a Holy Spirit.
So, take a good look at me, come even closer. Only in this way will you see everything: my past, the night, religion, family, miracles. And that idea of ​​salvation which is believing that something can still happen.
For me, it’s just thinking. And change. And don’t be labeled, don’t be reduced to someone else’s idea. I do all this so as not to be trivialized within a stereotype.
I guess, I guess. I draw my diversity.
I was lucky because from an early age I knew what I wanted to be. I wrote it. I would lock myself in my room and analyze everything that happened to me. Billions of sheets. Most have been lost. Someone became a song.
One day I left that room.
The outside world always comes.
And looks at us. It tests us. He judges us.

An excerpt of the text to come published in number 10 of Vanity Fair on newsstands until March 9, 2021 and opening the exclusive performance that the artist has created for us.

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