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Actors' union supports Scarlett Johansson after OpenAI voice complaint

O SAG-AFTRA an influential body representing radio and television artists, supported Scarlett Johansso n this Tuesday (21), after the actress raised concerns about voice feature of a new system of OpenAI which, according to her, sounded “eerily similar” to hers.

OpenAI has unveiled its latest artificial intelligence model, GPT-4o last week, containing a character who interacts through Sky call audio .

Johansson stated on Monday (20) that he had refused a request from the company to use his voice for the system. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman clarified that the voice belonged to another professional actress and said that will remove Sky's voice from the company's products .

“We thank Ms. Johansson for speaking out on this issue of crucial importance to all SAG-AFTRA members. We share your concerns and we fully support your right to have clarity and transparency in relation to the voice used”, said a spokesperson for the union.

SAT-AFTRA, which represents around 160,000 entertainment and media professionals around the world, played an important role in agreements with Hollywood studios for better payments and protections against the use of AI (artificial intelligence) for actors.

The dispute over the rights to actors' voices and likenesses has become a major issue in Hollywood, with studios weighing the potential of AI to create new entertainment. It is especially relevant at a time when images and sounds generated by computers are increasingly indistinguishable from those of humans.

Source: CNN Brasil

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