Actress Molly Shannon is writing her autobiography

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“I felt like I was at war,” said Molly Shannon, referring to the tragic accident that changed her life. When the award-winning actress was 4 years old, her mother, little sister and a cousin were killed in a car accident. Her father, who was driving under the influence, was badly injured. He had to learn how to walk – and raise Molly and her sister on his own, according to APE.

After years of thinking, the actress decided to talk about the pain and sadness that accompanied her all these years and write her autobiography. The book will be titled “Hello, Molly!”, Will be published by Ecco and will be released on April 12, 2022, according to People magazine. The book is about Shannon’s intricate and deep relationship with her father, her journey as an actress and comedian, and takes a look at the background and her fondest memories of Saturday Night Live (SNL). The result is “hilarious and heartbreaking”, according to the press release.

“The book is a testament to my family. “They are the good, the difficult – everything we have been through.” “I definitely always wanted to write about my dad,” he says. “He was such a great character in my childhood, so I always kept notes of funny things he said or how he spoke. Always. It was such a big influence on me and my characters on SNL. Above all else, the actress wants in her memoirs to reflect the “deep love” for her father, with all its complexity.

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