Ad. Georgiadis: Greece is changing and within 2.5 years huge companies have come with investments

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“Greece is changing and in two and a half years huge companies have come to our country and bring investments, while in the coming weeks we will have more good news in the field of investments”, stressed the Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, speaking tonight, through at the opening ceremony of the 7th Patras IQ Innovation and Transfer of Knowledge Exhibition, held in the Achaean capital.

He added, “In this large part of a Greece that is changing and where each region is claiming large investments, Patras, which has a University, a geographical location, a research center and people with great skills, can in turn claim a large share “. In fact, as Adonis Georgiadis pointed out, “they are already active in Patras and draw on human resources, important technology companies, start-ups and start-ups, and therefore there is the support so that we can build something even bigger in Patras.”

Because, as he noted, “without human resources you can not expect big investments”, adding that “we can all aim together, so that the next big investment in the country in the field of high technology is made in Patras and utilize the excellent human resources that exist “.

“In this context”, continued ‘Adonis Georgiadis,’ the Ministry of Development and Investment is at the disposal of all local bodies and mainly of the University, the Chamber and the Region, to see how we can implement a real plan that will brings jobs to Patras and will put it in the spotlight, as it really can be and as other cities in the country claim to do “.

“Patras”, according to the Minister of Development and Investment, “has a great advantage and the exhibition of innovation and transfer of know-how, Patras IQ, is an important institution that adds to this very advantage” and added: “What is presented, creates the real image of a living city that welcomes research and on this Patras, of vitality and research I am very willing to work together to make a difference in Patras “.

“It is an important event”, said Adonis Georgiadis, addressing the participants in the event, that “you have the same vision and worthy people to represent you, especially at this time when we have at our disposal European resources that never we have not had in the past “. At the same time, he noted that “now all the big companies claim, see and study Greece and at this point I must say that the US ambassador has also played a central role, who has advertised Patras and the American companies active in the research centre”.

“Therefore,” he added, “we have before us an excellent opportunity to build and do things and as a government to make a big difference in Patras.” Closing his speech, Adonis Georgiadis said that “recently we passed the bill for technoblasts, just to make it easy to connect research centers with the market and now we have the tax and institutional incentives, money, but also interest. of companies “.

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Source From: Capital

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