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Ad. Georgiadis: I accept the SYRIZA amendment for the Elefsina Shipyards so that they too vote on the bill

Ad. Georgiadis: I accept the SYRIZA amendment for the Elefsina Shipyards so that they too vote on the bill

The Minister of Development and Investments, Adonis Georgiadis, accepted SYRIZA’s amendment to inform the Parliament’s committee about the final plan for the rehabilitation of the Elefsina shipyards, before it is submitted to the court. At the same time, he proceeded to add to article 2, a provision that provides “to be paid within 120 days from the final and irrevocable date of the transfers, the demands of the workers” in order to vote for the bill and the official opposition party.

The minister stated that we fulfill both conditions set by SYRIZA and “I want to congratulate him for his positive attitude, because it is important in a difficult project that starts today” for the Elefsina Shipyards. On the contrary, he criticized PASOK-KINAL for its decision to ultimately vote against the bill.

Mr. Georgiadis pointed out that there is still a long way ahead of us until the completion of the process, which involves the negotiation with the remaining creditors and will lead to the final plan that we will see in the Parliament before it is submitted to the court. There is the approval of justice, the approval of Digicom. But even after this process is completed, there is the process of the investment itself, i.e. to get the shipyard going, to build the tanks quickly and get people to work, and for the company to get jobs to be able to repay the obligations her. Therefore, for ONEX, there is an uphill battle ahead. But, the minister remarked, “today, with the agreement of the government and the official opposition, after a fruitful parliamentary debate, I believe we are giving the investor the greatest possible support that the Parliament can give him. And we say to the workers, that as Parliament we were able to achieve a wider political support, as they asked us when they were outside the Parliament”. He emphasized that the existence of consents is more broadly for investments, even for the smallest ones, very important, because investors do not invest with an election time horizon, but long-term – and this reduces the risk they take”.

The minister, addressing PASOK – KINAL, said that this “is not a party that should be underestimated, nor should we erase its history” but “with its current attitude, not to support the current consolidation plan, it is throwing away all the previous responsibility attitude of PASOK in the critical decade 2010-2020. And I consider that it is a big political mistake of Mr. Nikos Androulakis and PASOK his current attitude. As in essence, with your attitude, you are not becoming allies in the effort to succeed in the consolidation plan”.

Mr. Georgiadis stated that “I am fully aware of the great political risk that I am taking today for the success of this plan, because if it does not succeed and it does not go well, the only person responsible will be me and I will be held accountable” but “in politics we should enter if we are afraid to take responsibility. Anyone who is afraid of responsibility is not good for politics, not good for minister and parliamentarian”.

The minister, concluding the process, underlined that “for Greece, the revival of the shipbuilding industry is a crucial bet for our country to turn the page from the misery of the previous decades in the industry” adding: “Our government has already done many steps in industry”, “to become a competitive force” and not to be “a country that only has services and tourism”.

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