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Ad. Georgiadis: Sufficiency for months in cereals, flours and vegetable oils

Ad. Georgiadis: Sufficiency for months in cereals, flours and vegetable oils

There are sufficient stocks “for months ahead” of cereals, flour and vegetable oils, according to Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis, who presented to Parliament his amendment to establish an obligation for traders to record their relevant stocks on a special platform.

As Mr. Georgiadis said, we establish the obligation of all traders throughout the chain of production, sale, etc. of various products (cereals, flour and vegetable oils) to declare the quantities of these products on an electronic platform, due to the war in Ukraine, in order to the state has a complete picture “and above all, not to allow some to cause an artificial shortage, and with it to hoard, either with the black market or by artificially raising their price too much, more than it is caused by the international crisis”.

Just because we make this platform does not mean that we are short of these products today. I clarify this so as not to create panic for no reason, said Mr. Georgiadis and stressed: “We have already recorded, from the big chains, the stocks in these products. There are sufficient stocks, for months ahead, for all these products. He did not justify any panic, but noted that especially for sunflower oil, there seems to be more pressure, because due to the large increase in the price of fossil fuels, a large amount of sunflower oil goes for fuel and thus is missing from the food market. the species we have great sufficiency for a long time ahead of us.

Consequently, Mr. Georgiadis stressed, the amendment is made to protect the consumer public in critical foodstuffs, due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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