Ad. Georgiadis: The government will announce packages of measures to deal with accuracy

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“In the coming days, the government will announce packages of measures to address the accuracy, aimed at both boosting disposable income and strengthening the affected businesses.”

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This was stated by the Minister of Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis in an interview today on the ANT1 television station.

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In general, the Minister stated that the issue of accuracy is global, therefore our country would not remain unaffected. As an example, he noted that today the US announced inflation of 7.1%, which is the highest since the 1970s.

Regarding the issue of the statements for the reduction of VAT rates in order to address the price increases that are expected in basic goods, Mr. Georgiadis stressed that not only is there no disagreement with Mr. Staikouras, but on the contrary there is good cooperation between themselves and between their ministries.

As Mr. Georgiadis said, he himself stated that the government is considering the possibility of reducing VAT rates, while Mr. Staikouras said that such a thing can not be done now because there is a risk that the budget will be derailed. “And Mr. Staikouras is right,” added Mr. Georgiadis.

However, he noted that “the government has other tools” and that “in the coming days the government will announce packages of measures to address the accuracy aimed at boosting both disposable income and the strengthening of businesses that are affected.”

Finally, when asked about the possibility of preventing scams in the market, the minister noted that extensive controls are already being carried out throughout the market, while the Competition Commission is conducting an ex-officio investigation into the cartels.

Inter-party agreement that will condemn violence in universities

The minister also referred to the issue of incidents at ASOEE and AUTh, stressing that there should be a cross-party agreement that would condemn violence in universities. And because, as he said, such illegal actions can only be dealt with by the Police, we must also agree on the necessity of the Police intervention in the Universities when there are such phenomena.

Mr. Georgiadis added that the criticism received by the government that it has withdrawn in its commitment to face the violence in the Universities, is unfair, as in recent days we have seen the Hellenic Liberation Army intervene in both ASOEE and AUTh when needed, while referring to the University Police, he stated that the training of its members starts next Monday.


Source From: Capital

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