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Ad. Georgiadis: We have ruled out a general lockdown

“We have ruled out a general lockdown,” reiterated the Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis, speaking today on ANT1 television about the possibility of taking new measures against the spread of the coronavirus, in view of the festive season. He added, however, that relevant announcements will be made by the competent minister.

He clarified, at the same time, that he has not requested a reduction of the hours or the capacity of the entertainment centers during the festive period, reminding that the entrance is allowed only to vaccinated people.

Regarding the energy crisis, Adonis Georgiadis pointed out that 1.1 billion euros have been spent to support households and businesses, while – as assured by the Prime Minister in Parliament – support measures will continue and intensify in 2022.

Asked why the Special Consumption Tax on fuel, which was created with the aim of combating smuggling, is not abolished, Mr. Georgiadis explained that it is an important source of revenue for the State and a deficit will be created.

Referring to the data of ELSTAT, he said that for the inflation in November, the biggest part was related to energy, as it also drags the prices of other products. He noted that the market in Greece is still operating competitively and prices are maintained at reasonable levels, with the assistance of control mechanisms.

Specifically for the Christmas table, which is estimated to be 15% more expensive compared to last year, the minister explained that this makes sense given that last year we had deflation due to the closed economy.

Referring to the Tsiodra-Lytra study, without degrading it, as he stressed, he said that “we have given it a great value”. We are aware of the pathogenesis of the NSS, he said and stressed that he sees no political expediency in the report. “It is a scientific issue, the same problems are discussed by the health ministers in other countries,” said Mr. Georgiadis.



Source From: Capital

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