AD Italia Digital Design Week kicks off

On April 9 comes the newsstand on new issue of AD Italia which, since 1981, tells the story of the most beautiful houses in the world. Just to begin the celebrations for the 40 years of the magazine, the editorial staff involved 40 architects, friends of the newspaper, asking to open the doors of their homes. The result is a portfolio that shows how those who design the most beautiful homes in the world really live.

“It is a special project that kicks off the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of AD Italia: a large portfolio of environments inhabited by those who design the most beautiful interiors in the world for a living»Writes the director Emanuele Farneti in his editorial. “And I am pleased to note that the journey through these photos is authentic and personal – alongside magnificent pieces and views of gardens in bloom, scraps of real life emerge: the portrait of a dog, markers spilled on the carpet, a skein of threads. “

The cover depicts what the scholar Johann Joachim Winckelmann called “the most beautiful house in the world”: Villa Albani Torlonia. Winckelmann lived there in his Roman years and for generations it has been Rome’s best kept secret, a sort of legendary entity hidden behind thick curtains of privacy. Today a book, which AD Italia presents as a preview, opens the doors of Villa Albani Torlonia, revealing its treasures and atmospheres frozen in time. Massimo Listri’s photos allow readers to walk under large vaults and frescoed skies, admiring the most extraordinary collection of ancient art.

From a celebration of the most glorious Italian past to the future: in the pages of the issue you can find interviews on the prospects of the furniture sector carried out with the owners of the most important companies in the sector. While a special section presents a preview of the new products which, even in the absence of the Salone, this month are presented to the public. There is no shortage of surveys such as the one on digital artists who, in line with the boom of NFTs and cryptoart, are redesigning our way of seeing homes. Then there is an interview by Michele Masneri with the king of interior photography François Halard. Attached to the April issue is the Outdoor, dedicated to a rapidly expanding sector, that of outdoor furniture.

On the occasion of the release of the April issue, AD also presents the schedule of its first digital week, scheduled from 12 to 18 April. AD Italia Digital Design Week will use all the AD Italia platforms in a circular manner, amplifying the messages and multiplying the recipients. In the spotlight, the new season of design, just in the week in which, according to the plans, the 60th edition of the Salone del mobile should have been held.

The protagonists of the event will naturally be the designers, interior designers, architects and owners of the most important furniture companies and groups in the sector. The schedule includes a focus on various issues including sustainability, the future of design, the main trends in furniture in 2021 and changes in homes in the post coronavirus era. In addition to the role of Milan, which must maintain its centrality also in anticipation of the desirable return to a physical exhibition in the next month of September.

The themes, messages and stories behind the pages of the magazine will come to life on, all contained within the topic #ADDigitalDesignWeek.

On the official Instagram profile of the magazine (@ad_italia) live shows with the big names in design such as Tom Dixon will be broadcast every day (April 13 at 12 in a conversation About Milan with Emanuele Farneti), India Mahdavi, Vincent Darré, Piero Lissoni, Bijoy Jain. And again: Cristina Celestino, who will talk to us about her «Soft Design»; Gianni Biondillo, writer and architect who will tell the secrets of the Scarzuola; Andrés Reisinger, one of the most interesting 3D designers of the moment; the eclectic fashion designer Paula Cademartori; Giulia Molteni with Salvatore Licitra, director of the Giò Ponti archive; the writer Massimo Cuomo (with the live broadcast entitled The houses speak, free inspiration from the theme of his novel); the curator and design advisor Federica Sala together with the artist and interior designer Luke Edward Hall. The now consolidated successful format continues on Instagram #ADMyPrivateRoom e #ADVisitStudio: every day through video contents the houses and studios of the designers present in the issue are told. Also under the hashtag #DesignPreview there will be previews of furnishings and accessories, in #Benvenutiacasa the residences of the designers present in the number and in #QuoteofTheDay the thoughts of the owners of the main companies in the sector.

Partner of the digital initiative:

LIEBHERR, specialist in the production of refrigeration equipment that stands out for its cutting-edge technologies, energy efficiency and elegant and functional design.

Reflex is a company specialized in high-end furniture that bases its cornerstones on tradition, sustainability and technology integrated with the industrialization of products.

ZANABONI, which offers sophisticated contemporary and modern collections, exclusive products made with the same attention that has distinguished their production since 1967, always in line with the latest trends.