Additional Ethereum PoW Fork Launch Details Revealed

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The team behind the potential Ethereum fork based on the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus algorithm has clarified some details of the mainnet launch for community members.

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“It seems that the Ethereum Foundation will not delay the transition to PoS, so it’s time to talk about ETHW, the PoW chain that is the backbone for building Web3,” the developers said.

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They reminded that the launch of the fork will take place within 24 hours after The Merge. To do this, you need to perform actions that will take some time. These include preparing a copy of the blockchain before the merge and verifying that the chain ID has been switched correctly.

Once the network is up and running, the ETHW Core team also needs to make sure the nodes are in sync and up and running.

“In addition, we must ensure that there are full nodes and RPC servers in the main regions of the world so that users can access the relevant services. These works will take time, so be patient, ”added the developers.

According to them, in addition to the, Poolin and f2pool pools that announced support for the fork, several other platforms interact with the testnet to check the operation of the equipment. ETHW Core is also collaborating with the EthwMine pool, which will serve as a provider of analytical data for the network and a “reserve site” for miners.

The team discouraged users from syncing blockchain data to run full nodes, as this would take about seven days. The developers have prepared a torrent link to download the snapshot 48 hours before The Merge. They estimate that it will take 3-5 hours to retrieve approximately 1.1 TB of data.

CoinShares experts were skeptical about the viability of a potential Ethereum PoW fork.

A similar opinion was expressed by the head of ETC Cooperative Bob Summerville, doubting the feasibility of the project. The ETHW Core team called the emergence of the new network an “inevitable response” to the community’s request.

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