Adele, memories and tears: “Peace with my dad, before his death”

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An open heart chat. Adele confesses in the living room of Oprah Winfrey, the same one that hosted eight months ago Meghan Markle’s bombshell interview. Unlike the Duchess, however, the British singer has love words for everyone, including his dad, Mark Evans, died last May, with whom he had a relationship to say the least stormy. Or rather, for years the contacts have been zero, since he It was moved away when the pop star was only three years old.

“In the end I realized that it was alcohol to take him away from me, to get him away from me, “said the singer, who revealed that she had met him in Wales shortly before his disappearance caused by bowel cancer, last May. “I was a terrible father, for years I drank two liters of vodka and eight beers a day,” the man said in the past. “I was ashamed, the best thing i could do for my daughter was make sure that did not see me in that state “.

The two nthey did not speak to each other for a long time, then Mark is reappeared when Adele’s popularity exploded, but it wasn’t feeling: indeed, an overly intimate interview released by him in 2011 created further division. “Now stop, he’ll never hear me againThe artist said furiously. Which in the last period, however, it is retraced his steps and chose wisely to make peace with his father, this time really: «I made him listen the new album via Zoom, it was therapeutic ».

An absence that obviously has marked Adele’s life, conditioning her behavior in future relationships: “For me it was the biggest wound, I learned to do not expect anything from the reports », revealed the singer again, pursued by Oprah about the recent divorce with Simon Konecki. “I was ashamed and sorry for our son Angelo. The hardest part was explaining to him that his parents still loved each other, but simply they were no longer in love».

Adele also talked about her recent ones physical transformations which amazed fans and raised a absurd fuss: «Unfortunately my body has always been objectified: first too fat, now too thin », he concluded. “In reality the workout helped me get better mentally, to control anxiety. I worked a lot on myself and I stopped drinking“. Just when she realized the impact alcohol had on her dad’s life.


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