ADMIE of Shares: Without the right to pre-dividend, the shares from 29/8

ADMIE of Shares: Without the right to pre-dividend, the shares from 29/8

Without the pre-dividend right (cut-off date of the right to participate in the pre-dividend), the shares of ADMIE PARTICIPANTS will be traded on the Athens Stock Exchange from Monday, August 29, 2022, as the listed company announced today.

Beneficiaries of the pre-dividend are those registered in the Company’s share register on Tuesday, August 30, 2022 (record date).

The interim dividend (minus the statutory tax charges / deductions) will begin to be paid from Monday, September 5, 2022 through the paying bank with the name “BANK OF PIRAEUS S.A.” , as follows:

1. Through the Participants of the beneficiaries in the S.A.T. (Banks, custodians and brokerage firms), in accordance with the applicable Operating Regulations of EL.K.A.T. and the relevant decisions of ATHEXCSD.

2. Especially in cases of dividend payment to heirs of deceased beneficiaries, whose securities are held in the Special Account of their Share at S.A.T., under the management of ATHEXCSD, the dividend payment process will be carried out after the completion of the legalization of the heirs through the branch network of “BANK OF PIRAEUS S.A.” for (5) years from the end of the current year (ie until December 31, 2027).

The payment of the amounts to the beneficiaries of case (2) will be made by notifying the KAME (Investor Share Code – S.A.T.) and showing the Police Identity Card, either in person or with their legally authorized representative.

Dividends that will not be collected within five (5) years are time-barred in favor of the Greek State.

It is recalled that the Board of Directors of the company with its decision 77/15.06.2022 decided to distribute an interim dividend for the year 2022 in the amount of 15,800,000 euros or 0.0681669140 euros per share before withholding tax and excluding the 216,000 own shares held by the Company.

The above pre-dividend amount is subject to withholding of a proportionate tax of 5%, in accordance with article 24 of Law 4646/2019 (with the exception or variation of the withholding rate for Shareholders who are subject to special provisions). The net amount of interim dividend paid amounts to 0.0647585683 euros per share.

For more information please contact Mr. shareholders as they contact the Company’s Investor Relations Department (89 Dyrrachio and Kifisou, 104 43 Athens, contact phone: 210 3636936 and email

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