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Adriane Galisteu reveals her desire to have more children and regrets: “Husband doesn’t want to”

Adriane Galisteu shared his desire to expand his family. The presenter, from 51 years already Vittorio's mother, 13 the result of her marriage to Alexandre Iódice, and admitted her regret for not having had more children.

In an interview with Programa do João (Band), led by João Silva, the star praised the actress Claudia Raia that became mother again at 55 .

The only thing I regret is not having another [filho] . This is something that I keep picking on Alexandre. Claudia Raia is my total reference. The problem is that my husband doesn't want to. So, I have to see how much trouble I want to get into at home. If I’m going to force it, hit the belly…”, she joked.

Despite having a successful career, the artist confessed that her greatest achievement is motherhood. “My best role is as a mother. My son filled my life with reason and joy (…). I know I have a tough schedule, but I'm the mom who always wants to hold, hug, be there,” she said.

Source: CNN Brasil

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